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Pulse OTT - Connected TV Video

The Pulse OTT – Cross-Platform Video program package leverages the latest in consumer trends to complement any digital marketing strategy. 

Leaning into today’s cord-cutting behavior we deliver premium content across OTT channels in a TV-like experience. This cutting-edge tactic allows you to enhance the recall and effectiveness of your cross-platform marketing campaign.



OTT stands for “Over the top” and is one of the fastest-changing landscapes in the advertising space. OTT is home to all the “cord-cutters” that are ditching cable and using their internet and connected TVs to watch their favorite shows across networks you’ve known for years as well as “cable-like” providers that aggregate a variety of networks or exclusive content.

PULSE OTT’s - Key Differences


The Pulse OTT Cross-Platform Video Program is built leveraging insights from locally-driven campaigns that yield the highest impact and successful Key Performance Indicators. We model our campaigns to offer the ultimate in flexibility and scale by retaining the most premium networks and placements.

This Cross-Platform Video program is our signature OTT solution serving all video content types and devices across the OTT/CTV landscape. It’s the perfect blend of scale and advanced video targeting available on the market today.