Website Hosting with PulseLocal Marketing

Website Hosting with PulseLocal Marketing

What is Hosting?

When you invest in a website you will need two things: a domain and a host. Your domain is your URL, but your host is where your website lives on the web.
Your host will store your website on their server. When someone searches for your website in their browser, their computer will then connect to your server and your webpages will be delivered to them through the browser.
Your host can also be responsible for maintaining your files and keeping backups in case anything happens to your live site. There are different kinds of hosting. Dedicated hosting is a dedicated server machine that is for traffic to your website only. Only very busy sites require dedicated hosting. Shared hosting is when you share a server with other websites, and is what most websites use.

Why Host With PulseLocal Marketing?

When you host with us, you host with a company that is client-oriented. If your website isn’t working properly, you can call us directly and we can fix any problems you may be experiencing. If anything goes wrong, the site goes down, there are server issues or viruses, etc, we can address them quickly. When you host with other companies that are not concerned about small-businesses, you may find it can take days before you can talk to a real person or get your problem fixed. When you host with PulseLocal you have a team of experts on hand who are concerned about your company, your website, and your satisfaction. We automatically plan to host all the websites we build on our servers so that we can offer the best customer service possible.
You have to host your website somewhere, so make sure you host it with the digital marketing company you trust- PulseLocal Marketing.

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